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tv   BOS Land Use Committee 121415  SFGTV  January 3, 2016 2:40am-3:01am PST

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[ music ] [ music ] >> thank you. thank you very much. is there any other public comment for general public comment? all right, public comment is now closed. i do want to thank all of the members of the public for coming to speak. it's a really important issue citywide and always important for the subcommittee to hear feedback from our residents on the issue. mr. clerk, are there any other issues? >> item 10 adjournment. >> great, meeting is adjourned and happy holidays to everyone! [ gavel
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>> all right. good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, the meeting will come to order this is the regular meeting for the land use committee and transportation committee i'm supervisor cowen to my right is supervisor wiener who's the chair and to my left is supervisor jane kim our clerk is miss alicia i'd like to take a moment and tank jim smith and jessie larson for broadcasting in meeting madam clerk any
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electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the january 12, 2016, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated all right. thank you very much call item number one. >> a resolution authorizing the issuance and sale and deliver the house bond not to exceed money for the minnesota for a rental unit is alice griffith apartment t projects. >> colleagues ms. elizabeth from ocii to make a brief presentation on this item welcome. >> the floor is yours. >> good afternoon, supervisors elizabeth with the office of economic development ocii the resolution before you authorize the bond precedes to pay for the construction and related costs for alice griffith phase 3 an
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walker drive ma comic and other are the nonprofit housing development corporation and additional team meshes with the housing authority and other agencies at alice griffith the third phase of the redevelopment of 200 plus alice griffith site as a mixed income development with the hope sf consist with those principles no residents will be permanently displaced as a result of that cement development and the circulations will rain the same what 9 redevelopment is complete all 200 up unit plus will be replaced w with affordable units three hundred plus and inclusionary units and 200 and 37 workforce units phase 3 is 1 a and 22 units
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split into 3 ab for the exit of the development only phase a low get the bond financing that the subject of today and phases will be 56 replacement and other manage units phase 3 is a mix of 1, 2, 3, 4 and bedroom units for 50 percent of medium income for a family of 4 phase 3 like phase one and phase two one of the benefits their adjacent to the existing houses residents will move from their existing unit without being temporary located and complete by the end of next year in demolition is equipment
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prior to 2017 the lennar corporation is the master advertent for the hepatitis with a formal san francisco redevelopment now appendixes when lennar is required for the terms of d da for a phase of alice griffith that subsidy is $10 million and appendixes provides a subsidy for phase 3 it is approximately 10 and a half million dollars in august of 2011 the development team was awarded an initiative 0 grant not to exceed of 35 point plus million dollars to be used for alice griffith the c n ii has a statutory obligation that the grant fund
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must be - for the portions of the fund phase one and two being used on phase 3 the bond issuance before you today will along with the funding allow the project meet the critical hud deadlines this transportation authority plans & programs committee traction is conduit that doesn't require the city to repay the bonds it was smimentdz to the committee in 2011 and awarded in past october the project is sliced to begin by february 2016 and complete construction by late 2017 with me is daniel to answer any questions that concludes my presentation. thank you. >> well, thank you very much and thank you for being here as well let's go ahead and take public comment seeing no comments from the commissioners
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public comment is open. >> good evening supervisors could i get action right here ax washington. >> okay. >> i'm here in protest i know things go on i'm talking about the interesting party with hud that has come to the city and the action get mugged the residents again know a hill of beans what is happening and only a couple of minutes i protest the only getting 2 minutes i'm so to speak as the czar of the out migration you'll hear that through this project in the next 10 years because lieutenant newsom put together a mechanism and institution for the african-americans blacks in the san francisco and i am appoint the czar
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whatever the city put together i'll be in that car i'll go on to breakdown what is going on here those procedures supervisor cowen are clearly out of order with every organization ma comic and lennar you've got san francisco housing authority development do you know the history from johnson that fought for the certificate of preference but supervisor cohen and supervisor breed for putting the legislation together that is the beginning we'll have to rearrange this concept of rad because the tenants will be mad the p t p and all of that they've been studying the structure with none from doing
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so-called ace but aches and be here utilizing this airtime i created the government channel i'll utilize it in the best community thank you. any other speakers that want to speak at this point seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, any discussion no okay. great all to make a motion to opening it up for public comment to keep this important rebuild of the alice griffith sited moving forward is there a semiautomatic to my motion? >> semiautomatic. >> thank you seconded by supervisor kim. >> madam clerk item 2. >> a resolution condoning for 6 months the interim controls for the neighborhood district to require the conditional use authorization for the proposed formula retail use. >> great, thank you and she is the author of that item and will
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speak and lead the discussion. >> thank you, madam chair as you recall about 18 months ago passed interim controls i authored relating to the formula retail use in the castro street commercial district to address a loophole where someone or an establishment could make an application be determined to be formula retail and then make a superficial changes to the application inform effectively gain the system and take themselves out of formula retail complication avoiding the the interim controls they're to address that will that by preventing that from happening formula retail rules are very for the voters adopted them
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overwhelmingly we want them to be honored and not gained those interim controls will be xrooir next month and so this these current controls extend the controls by 6 months so colleagues, i ask for your support we do not have a very well presentation so make madam chair, i ask we own up for public comment. >> all right. there is a motion and a second please come down to the podium with 2 minutes thank you. >> thank you, madam chair bryan patterson the attorney for the foundation for h f f that is an have not nonprofit organization dictated to provide
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cutting-edge medication to patient in san francisco this proposal before you today is pure and simple in reality it is not and we encourage you to take a closer look not complete in extending inefficient interim controls they're targeted at h f f to prevent hiv pharmacy in the castro to keep out san francisco aids organization this controls require conditional use applications for proposals that are not actually formula retail and in fact in this case with ah f pharmacy it is at 518 castro street the application was
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required to consider two things one in terms of the harm to the public and the owner there is no harm to the public with letting this proposal continue forward h f project to continue forward the farm of allowing the controls to be pursued is giant patient care requiring the double represent for other facilities as long as this remains in effect no finding in the proposed extension to justify this we'll we will request an exception from the interim controls will be be in effect and the cu application on january 4th. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm dale the bay area director for aids foundation to
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voice the interim controls extension the property owner is aware of and in support of our project to relocation a pharmacy 3 had had feet away from where it exists a h f f is harmed we're forced to pay 12 240us dollars plus a month our patients over 15 hundred between the fireman and the health care center have expressed a desire to locate our services in a single-space when patients receive all of the services under one roof they do better and benefits the community we would like to see those not pass today thank you. >> thank you very much seeing no other public comment public comment is closed. thank you. >> i'd like to speak.
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>> i'm sorry, i just closed public comment i gafd down i'm sorry is there a specific direction to agendize this item. >> thank you, madam chair i do want to note in terms of the public comment the representatives including the attorney from the health care foundation the health care foundation did in response to those interim controls file an application that will be heard at planning commission next month in january and in the ends he understand the aids health care wants a comprehension for the requirement in san francisco we require people to go to conditional use even if the applicant would prefer not to, in fact, in the castro we've had various instances where for
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profit and nonprofit in the neighborhood gone through an conditional use process and not tried to gain the system accepted the process as the law of land in san francisco and gone through the process so this is again simply preventing the gaming of our system so colleagues, i move that we forward item 2 the interim controls to the full board of supervisors with a positive recommendation as a commissioner lee report. >> all right. motion by supervisor wiener seconded by supervisor kim and without objection this that motion carries and mr. clerk would you be so kind to please call item number 3. >> an ordinance amending the planning code for the measurement methodology for the top paramount for the in fill floor areas in the c-3 zoning to
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exceed the height limit. >> much so colleagues my understanding the project sponsor is in discussion with the shareholders in labor on this particular ordinance and requested a continuance until january 26th meeting so we're going to take public comment on this item there's a lot more work to do on item 3 please do so. >> yes my name is silva johnson and this planning control disrespect is only doing that so that they can put the presentation that is required in the health care issues and this you know should be you know as automatically you know a visit in the which my social
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worker mistakenly included me in on another and closed the issue on me and i think that when i i'm have school closes clay's on this issue and want me to go to parks it means i need a car or in order to go through all this these engineering places that the packaging places that they have here have not yielded even you know put on the best strategies he need to do all this to fulfill it the rule that
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you know, i include on this has not been in stake any of it so i think that a lot of this has been like put off like the bank had it and i went to prisoner and my car was sold and the money put in the bank they wanted to put me off on this issue and housing being built to be investigated on to - >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed at this point thank you. >> so colleagues is there a motion to continue to the january 25th meeting. >> i'll make that motion. >> thank you, supervisor kim seconded by supervisor wiener
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and this motion passes unanimously thank you thank you are any other items before us today. >> there's no further business. >> no furniture business therefore this meeting is adjourned


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